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Pure Presence Wellness

Where your journey to balance and empowerment begins.

Embrace a life defined by gratitude, kindness, and balance
and watch your goals come vibrantly alive.

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Discover Yourself, Transform Your Life

Are you at a crossroads, reflecting on your path and future?

Take a transformative step with our Life Coaching services, designed to foster emotional empowerment and develop skills for a fulfilling life. With unique perspectives and powerful techniques, we support your journey to uncover your true purpose and achieve both personal and professional aspirations. Join us and shape a life narrative that resonates deeply with your desires.

Coaching Services Tailored to Your Needs

Business Executive Coaching

One-on-One Coaching
Tailored Career Guidance 

Professional Journey Empowerment

CV Crafting
Personal Goal-Setting Workshops

Wellness Coaching at its Core

Transformational Coaching Program
Executive Coaching Workshops

Meet Charisse Coustas

Charisse Coustas, a dedicated career coach, is passionate about helping you unlock your full potential through personalized coaching. With her expertise, she empowers you to excel in a competitive job market and achieve balance between personal and corporate life.

Empower Your Future with Us

Invest in your future with Pure Presence Wellness. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your career, our integrated approach caters to your unique needs.


in yourself and you will be unstoppable.


not something found, but something created.


it is your anchor.

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